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Work by Nicolas Parrendo.

Wednesday May 27, 2015 | by Justyna Turek

Stained glass artists to convene in Washington, D.C., for 10th annual conference

From June 18th through the 21st, 2015 the American Glass Guild will kick off its 10th Anniversary Conference in Rockville, Maryland, and Washington, DC. The event will include workshops by leading stained-glass artists as well as lectures and demonstrations. The three-day event will be preceded by The Annual Live Auction, which raises funds for the James Whitney Memorial Scholarship. Accompanying the whole event will be the exhibition "American Glass Now," a showcase of the most recognized stained-glass works from 2015. On a special note is the special event at the spectacular National Cathedral.

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Thursday January 12, 2012 | by laguiri

On Other Blogs: Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2 gets thinner for sleeker gadgets

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Since its introduction in 2007, Corning Gorilla Glass has become the most ubiquitous cover glass in the world.

If you own a smart phone or tablet, chances are you’re touching Corning Gorilla Glass every time you use it. On Jan. 9, four years after marketing the damage-resistant material, Corning unveiled Gorilla Glass 2, a thinner version of the company’s highly scratch-resistant and durable Gorilla Glass. The new iteration of this product is currently on view at the company’s both at the Consumer Electronics Show, which continues in Las Vegas through Jan 13. The glass is slated to appear in a range of smart phones, tablets, and laptops this year, adding to the more than 600 million devices that include its predecessor, reported The New York Times in an article by Brian X. Chen on the Gadgetwise blog.

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Wednesday April 13, 2011 | by laguiri

Online magazine sheds light on Spain’s nascent glass art scene

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Currently on the front page of vidrioh! is an article on the Bell-Table, a table with a glass base by German designer Sebastian Herkner.

In a country well-known for its painters, a small online magazine called vidrioh! is spreading the word about a growing community of glass artists in Spain, while keeping an eye on up and coming artists and designers all over the continent. The magazine’s playful name comes from vidrio, the Spanish word for glass. It combines beautiful photos with articles on art and design, covering a range of interesting artists that are for the large part unknown outside of Spain and Europe. Readers can move from articles about jewelry made with silver and borosilicate glass tubing and a series of essays exploring the connection between glass and elements of nature to others on a recent award-winning artist or a duo’s application of grisaille and stained glass techniques to create words within glass sculptures. Even with a language barrier, vidrioh! provides valuable insight into the work of artists with little to no exposure in the American glass scene.

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Tuesday May 25, 2010 | by Andrew Page

On Other Blogs: Glass window at New York’s TimeWarner Center spontaneously shatters

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The cable-and-glass multi-story atrium window designed by James Carpenter, seen here directly across from the obelisk, was not affected by the spontaneous shattering of a sixth-story window on another face of the complex on last Friday afternoon.

Thankfully it wasn’t a pane in the famous Jamie Carpenter-designed atrium window at the TimeWarner Center at New York City’s Columbus Circle, but last Friday afternoon, the sidewalks were cordoned off as a team removed shattered glass from a sixth-story window of this iconic two-towered building across from the Museum of Arts & Design.

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Friday December 11, 2009 | by Andrew Page

On Other Blogs: Australia’s long-running Glass Percussion Project discovered

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Eugene Ughetti, a Melbourne, Australia-based percussionist and composer is one half of the "Glass Percussion Project."

Spotted by Daily Art Muse, Susan Lomuto’s blog celebration of “handcrafted excellence,” is a YouTube clip of the collaboration between an Australian glass artist and a percussionist which they have named the “Glass Percussion Project.”

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Luke Jerram's sculptures of the Smallpox, HIV, and Untitled Future Mutation viruses were made in consultation with virologists.

Thursday October 29, 2009 | by Andrew Page

On Other Blogs: Multimedia British artist’s glass models of viruses

Luke Jerram's flameworked glass models of viruses such as Smallpox (rear) and HIV (foreground) deftly combine sculpture, science, and current events.

British multimedia artist Luke Jerram’s exquisite glass sculptures depicting deadly human viruses was spotted by a science blog and that, in turn, was spotted by a Seattle weekly newspaper’s blog, helping to take his highly conceptual artwork to a wider audience. By limiting the series to well-known viruses that are often lethal, Jerram heightens the contrast between the delicate beauty of viruses he portrays and their frightening consequences.

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The homepage of the Seattle Glass Online blog site by Lauren Fijji.

Saturday October 17, 2009 | by intern

Repost: On Other Blogs: Seattle cut-and-paster keeps tabs on glass scholarship

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The homepage of the ABJ Seattle Glass Online blog that tracks critical writing about glass as compiled by Lauren Fujii.


On a one-person campaign to raise awareness of the critical discourse about a medium, Seattle blogger Lauren Fujii has set out to chronicle “the written historical record of glass” with her ABJ Seattle Glass Online blog. Updated sporadically with text excerpts quoted in their entirety from various sources, the texts are not linked back to their original location. Though they are sourced at the bottom in text, there is an absence of any copyright acknowledgment to speak of.

Intellectual property issues aside, the blog has a stated interest in the historical time frame spanning 1881 to the present. About once a week, Fujii posts excerpts from or entire articles on glass that have appeared in other publications, as well as news about glass-related happenings in the Northwest region. The significance of the year 1881 is unclear, but Fujii’s choice of content suggests a familiarity with, and deep interest in, the fundamental issues that frame contemporary glass work. In an emailed response to questions from GLASS, she explains that she became interested in glass after marrying a glassblower two years ago; as she says, “learning about glass became an in-depth process, leading first to respect and then to admiration.” She also writes in her brief profile that “I have a simple motive—to compile written opinion about glass art and glassblowing as a matter of historical record in order to do further research for my own writing.”

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NPR talks to artist Tim Tate about innovative new glasswork.

Wednesday August 5, 2009 | by intern

Tim Tate featured on NPR tech program for his melding of glass and video

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If glass and video have anything in common, it might be that both struggle to be fully embraced by the world of fine art – the former pegged all-too-frequently as craft, the latter straining to break free of its roots as a commercial medium. Joining these two mediums together in singular works of art, artist Tim Tate is getting attention. Months after being included in an article about encasement in bell jars in the pages of GLASS Quarterly magazine (#114, Spring 2009, p. 15), Tate’s unique melding of art and technology has also caught the eye of National Public Radio, which has featured the mixed media artist in its radio program and Internet blogs.

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Los Angeles Times Blog, L.A. at Home

Tuesday July 14, 2009 | by mariannemychaskiw

On Other Blogs: Jeff Benroth’s glass logs light up the L.A. Times

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An image of a recent blog posting at the Los Angeles Times' "L.A. at Home" The L.A. Times blog “L.A. at Home” showcases Jeff Benroth’s decorative glass castings of logs for use in indoor fireplaces. Although they cannot be exposed to heat, the glass logs create an attractive visual effect when a flickering candle is placed among the stack, though an LED candle is recommended. Benroth’s glass logs are available for purchase through his studio, for a starting price of $350 for a single log, and $1,000.00 for a set of three. Read more at the L

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GLASS: The UrbanGlass Quarterly, a glossy art magazine published four times a year by UrbanGlass has provided a critical context to the most important artwork being done in the medium of glass for 35 years.