Josefina Muñoz

Visiting Artist

Studio Residency: 2016

Josefina Muñoz (RISD MFA’13) is a multidisciplinary artist from Santiago, Chile. Muñoz shows her work, lectures and develops independent research internationally. Her most recent projects involve extreme filed investigation, including living with the Turkana nomads in East Africa and experiencing complete isolation in an uninhabited island.

Josefina often works itinerantly, creating pieces in and about environments she encounters. Her seemingly disparate projects focusing on space, architecture, and place come together in an overarching impulse to answer questions of global concern.

Muñoz has been awarded artist residencies around the world, including USA, Tanzania, Kenya, Germany, and Scotland. Since 2007 Josefina has been commissioned to work on diverse public art projects.

Currently, through her “Is_Land” initiative, Josefina is exploring the nuances of isolation by means of researching diverse geographical islands and other remote locations. 

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