MAGNUS CONSILIO: Stones & Spheres (Brooklyn Brainery)

Bryan McGovern Wilson

Ever wondered how that magic stone came into your life? Curious to know how a crystal ball is made? Did you know that little bodies were made centuries ago in glass vessels? In this collaboration with the Brooklyn Brainery, we will explore all of these questions and much more in this workshop concerning how glass and glassy substances have been used as tools of magic and mediation for thousands of years. Students will learn the histories behind these objects and why they retain relevance and potency in the present. The workshop will involve a survey presentation of how glass has been used as a vital esoteric material across time, then demonstrations interpreting and manifesting these objects in molten glass.

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Class Schedule
  • March 8th, 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Instructor, Visiting

Bryan McGovern Wilson

Bryan McGovern Wilson is a transdisciplinary artist whose work concerns issues of time, body and ritual via craft materials and performance.

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