GLOW: Neon and Glassblowing Youth Summer Camp

Esteban Salazar

This two-week workshop offers young artists (11 years old and up) an opportunity to learn and apply the fundamentals of neon-bending and glassblowing skills. With an emphasis on experimentation and spontaneity, young creative minds will take on the task of shaping hot glass and making brilliant pieces of art.

  • The first week will focus on bending playful lighting sculptures that draw from the geometric and organic qualities of bending neon tubing. At the end of the week students will take home an assembled neon sign ready to plug-n-play.
  • On week two, we will introduce students to the amazing world of glass blowing, focusing on the organic nature of the material, and culminating in multiple colorful solid and blown forms.

This workshop can be taken as a one week segment in either neon-bending or glassblowing; or students can be part of the whole workshop and develop a deeper understanding of the glass making processes by joining both weeks.

Class Schedule
  • Camp | 10 Sessions: July 17 — July 28
    10:00 - 3:00 pm

Esteban Salazar

Transplanted from Bogota, Colombia to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2001, Esteban is a sculptor, educator, and glass artist producing work that goes from hot-sculpted blown glass objects to art installations of optics and light.

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