Fire Up Father’s Day

Keith Mendak

Fire Up Father’s Day is an all-ages, introductory course in glass working for the whole family! This weekend workshop will immerse students in two days filled with fun, team building activities where dad and the kids join forces to learn the fundamentals of working with hot glass. Collaboration and hot shop communication will be the focus, as each member of the family coordinates timing and temperature to create a number of amazing glass objects using a wide range of glass blowing techniques. Fast paced exercises will get dad and the kids all involved in the magic of glass making as we turn up the heat on Father’s Day weekend!

Class Schedule
  • All Ages | 2 Sessions: June 17 — June 18
    10:00 - 3:00 pm
Instructor, Visiting

Keith Mendak

Keith Mendak is an artist, writer and educator with an MFA in material studies from Virginia Commonwealth University. Keith’s studio practice is greatly informed by his background in glass and his mixed media approach to sculpture often uses glass as primary ingredient or includes processes and appearances inherited through glass working.

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