Design Weekend: Rapid Prototyping in the Hot Shop

Aric Snee

This two-day workshop will give students a toolkit to either work through an existing design problem or confront new challenges while developing a personal methodology for design.  Students should come prepared with projects or ideas to work on, with the understanding that the first idea is not usually the best. The willingness to explore alternatives and generate ideas quickly in the sketchbook and in the hot shop will lead to new and unexpected outcomes.  When glassmakers combine a deep knowledge of material and process with a conceptual framework, it contributes to design in ways that are very different from more traditional industrial designers or architects, and allows for unforeseen possibilities.

Class Schedule
  • Weekend | 2 Sessions: August 5 — August 6
    10:00 - 5:00 pm
Instructor, Visiting

Aric Snee

Aric Snee is an artist and designer who has been working with glass for over 15 years in academic, studio and factory environments.

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