Blowing Up, A Journey into the Absurd

Sean Salstrom

This class will approach inflation in hot glass experimentally, and quite possibly disastrously. The goal will be to throw economy out the door and to seek new forms, processes and outcomes whose existence may ultimately exist in our memories. Possible processes for this class could include, but are not limited to:

  • Utilizing water content in found objects, we will produce steam to inflate bubbles around said objects.
  • Utilizing isolated gases (Exhaled breath of a distant friend, car exhaust, captured compost off-gassing, etc.) we will make content-appropriate vessels.
  • Time-delay blowing (blowing from a distance over time)

Come ready to play, fail, converse, and experiment in all things inflationary, and ultimately blow a lot of bubbles!

Experience level Intermediate and beyond, or relevant art practice in experimentation.

Class Schedule
  • Intensive | 5 Sessions: June 26 — June 30
    6:00 - 10:00 pm
Instructor, Visiting

Sean Salstrom

Sean Salstrom is an American artist and educator who lives and works in Stevens point, Wisconsin where he is the Assistant Professor of Hot Glass.

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