40-for-40 Professional Development Series | Taxes for Glassmakers with Steven Zelin, The Singing CPA

Steven Zelin, the Singing CPA

Steven Zelin, widely known as the Singing CPA, will give a presentation on taxes tailored to the needs of artists, specifically glassmakers. The lecture will cover all you need to know about 1099s, self-employment taxes, business expenses, deductions, and much more, followed by a question and answer session. With tax season approaching, get your questions answered and confusions addressed in this free workshop. 

Class Schedule
  • February 21st, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Instructor, Visiting

Steven Zelin, the Singing CPA

Steven Zelin CPA is the founder of Steven Zelin CPA LLC. Born and raised in New York City, Steven (aka The Singing CPA) has been a licensed CPA for over fifteen years.

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