Apply for The Bead Project!

The Bead Project is an UrbanGlass outreach program created in 1997 to serve economically disadvantaged women living in the New York Area. Offered free of charge, The Bead Project Core program provides ten weeks of instruction in beadmaking and jewelry assembly with the goal of providing a source of long-term supplemental income. Torches, tools, and supplies are given to the students upon completion of the course so they may continue to produce work at home. Open to women 18 and over; admission by application only.

Bead Project Application

*If you are living with parent(s), guardian(s), partner or spouse, you must include their income as part of your TOTAL household income. You must include proof of all income sources. Applications will not be considered without this information. Please include documentation with your application.


Do not include family members or friends.
I hereby agree to obey the rules and regulations of UrbanGlass which I have read and understood. I agree that personal possessions including tools, supplies and unfinished or finished artworks, even when placed in rented and locked storage units, are my sole responsibility. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless from liability UrbanGlass, its officers and agents for any damage or loss incurred on UrbanGlass premises. I agree that use of UrbanGlass facilities is undertaken at my own risk and UrbanGlass shall not be liable for any damages to person or property arising out of the use of any UrbanGlass facility. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless from liability UrbanGlass, its officers and employees for any injury to body or property incurred from acts other than grossly negligent or willful acts on the part of UrbanGlass its officers and employees. Facility renters, that is, artists working at UrbanGlass, and students are not associated or connected with UrbanGlass in any way, legally or otherwise, except in the relationship of renter or student. UrbanGlass is not liable for actions or negligence of renters or students. I understand that if I do not follow UrbanGlass rules and regulations; abuse equipment; exhibit disorderly, disruptive, or dangerous behavior, do not pay rental fees in advance of use, or smoke, use illegal drugs or alcohol on the premises; I can permanently be denied access to the premises and use of the facilities. I attest that to my knowledge the information provided is correct

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