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Through studios, classes, exhibitions, and publishing, UrbanGlass is committed to furthering the use of glass as a creative medium.

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Classes at UrbanGlass offer students of all ages the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of glass. Educational programming includes everything from classes for teens to master classes for professional artists. Weekly classes, week-long intensives, and two-day workshops make learning at UrbanGlass available to students of all levels and interests.

Slumping and Fusing Weekend

Beginner, Intensive
Intensive | 2 Sessions: August 16 — August 17
10:00 - 5:00 pm

This comprehensive workshop is perfect for all levels of students looking to increase their knowledge on proper cutting, assembling glass and firing temperatures.  We will also cover slumping molds, running kiln programs, safety and the importance of annealing glass.

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Introduction to Glassblowing I

Beginner, Weekly Class
Weekly Class | 8 Sessions: September 7 — October 26
Sundays, 3:00 - 6:00 pm

The aim of this class is to introduce students to various technical and aesthetic aspects of glass as a material and to glassblowing as a process. Through a series of hands-on projects, demonstrations and critiques, the class will explore the fundamentals of glass blowing and basic cold-working techniques.

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Introduction to Glassblowing I

Beginner, Weekly Class
Weekly Class | 6 Sessions: September 4 — October 9
Thursdays, 6:00 - 9:00 pm

Experience glass in its purest, viscous form with this introduction to the basics of glassblowing.  Students will learn hand and body skills to move fluidly with the material, gather molten glass out of the furnace, add color and manipulate it using heat, gravity, and glassblowing tools. The basics of sculpting and blowing will be covered and students will leave with a significant understanding of how the material behaves, along with their own hand-crafted objects and vessels.

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Currently On View in the Agnes Varis Art Center

The Dominant Sophia

For the exhibition The Dominant Sophia, British artist Joanna Manousis has created a series of sculptural objects and wall mounted installations that function as metaphors for the human condition. Central to the exhibition is a three-dimensional ‘rose window,’ reminiscent of the round church windows of 17th Century France. Comprised of individually cast forms in clear lead crystal, each segment within the multi-faceted installation contains the recessed detail of forms taken from nature.

On view through Saturday, July 26, 2014

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